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Play Ground Rules

General Rules:
  • Teachers reserve the right to change these rules at any time if there is something that impacts their ability to keep children safe. 
  • Snacks on the playground during recess time will be eaten on or by the blue picnic table only. All snacks and their wrappers, containers and remnants should be cleaned up and disposed of in the trash container before going to recess.
  • Students may bring out work to complete or things to write on or with. These items should not be brought onto play areas, play structured etc, or they will be taken away.
  • Students must listen to all adults supervising recess whether it is a teacher, administrator, non duty supervisor, or a parent volunteer. The rules are created to keep the children safe while allowing them opportunities to grow and play.   
Boundaries:   Kindergarten-  
  • Only play on their playground.
  • May not go beyond any school gates.
  • Walk in pairs at all times.
All Students: 
When the whistle blows twice, students FREEZE and drop to one knee holding any equipment.  At the third whistle students walk QUIETLY to line.  
  • Must stay on school property, no playing in the City Park/grass.
  • Must tell an adult when a ball crosses the boundary; an adult will get the ball or give permission to a student if it is safe and they can be monitored.
  • Students should not play inside the baseball diamond fence.
  • Students should not play anywhere near Dos Rios Dr.
  • Obey the signs on the field (roped off areas etc.)
  • Must tell an adult if they see a stranger on the playground, this includes people walking their dogs. These people must be asked to leave immediately by an adult.
  • Students can sit on the bleachers behind the white line only.
  • Students may not sit under the bleachers.
  • No playing on the field when it is wet/muddy/rainy.
  • No playing near or in the bushes.
  • Students need yard duty’s permission before going to the office (yard duty will contact the office via radio)
  • No spitting
  • It is the students’ responsibility to stay dry and not play in or around water puddles.
  • Wait for turn by counting to 50 (one-one thousand style) then tell the swinger it is your turn. Students waiting should be standing in front of the swing.
  • No jumping off the swings
  • No twisting
  • Must face the playground while swinging
  • Student must be sitting on their bottom only. No tummies or knees
  • Students may not push each other.
  • When switching swingers, the first person must walk off before the next person get on.
  • No walking in front of the swings
  • Students in the A side have a choice to serve or give way.
  • Hitting the ball with a closed fist, no open hand hitting.
  • No stopping or holding the ball
  • You are out if:
  • Touch the pole
  • Touch the rope
  • Cross the center line
  • Rope/ball is wrapped around the pole
  • When you get out, you must go to the end of the line.
Jump Rope:    
  • For doubles or double Dutch:
  • 2 misses is an out
  • Jump ropes are for jumping only
  • When recess is over jump ropes must be put away properly.
Hula Hoop:    
  • Hula-hoops are for hula, rolling and jumping
  • One person per hoop
  • No tug-o-war
 Play Structures:    
  • No tag, balls or running in the play structure area.
  • Slides can only be used one at a time, when students are sliding they must slide feet first and on their bottoms.
  • No climbing on the outside of the slide.
  • No digging in the bark or kicking the bark out of the area.
  • When using the bars students must be holding on with both hands, no sitting on the top.
  • No skipping bars – one way only in a clockwise rotation.
  • One at a time on the bars.
  • No standing on the outside of the climbing rings.
Wall Ball:    
  • Students can not go behind the wall or in the bushes.
  • Cannot kick the ball over the wall
  • The grass behind the ball wall court is off limits at all times.
  • A player can not be put out on a serve.
  • Ball must hit ground once after hitting the wall.
  • Ball can only be hit with a closed fist, no open hand hitting.
  • Ball cannot be caught or held.
  • After the ball hits the wall, it can be played in the air or after it hits the ground one time.
  • Ball must be played if it hits the line. Lines are in.
  • Winner serves to next player in line.
Ball Game:    
  • Four square: Person in the A box serves.
  • For a disputed call – The “Judge,” the next person in line makes the call.
  • Redo is only for interference.
  • No teaming or arguing.
  • When a player is out, they must go to the end of the line and players move up to fill vacated square.
  • Courts: Used for 4 square, kickball, and basketball
  • Kickback can only be played on the grass – no kickback on the blacktop.
  • When balls are lost, they will not be replaced.
  • All students wanting to play a ball game will be included (no one left out).
  • No kicking balls against classroom walls.
  • No balls on playground equipment.
  • No balls on tanbark.
  • Balls on courts or grass only.
  • Balls being kicked toward off limit areas can be taken away.
  • Balls must be put away immediately after the whistle sounds and recess is over.