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School Community Vision

    “Twin Creeks is a school that prepares children for the future with the skills and knowledge that empowers them to be successful in the changing world around them. Twin Creeks is a community of learners, where parents, children and teachers grow, and facilitate each child to reach his/her potential. “There is mutual respect between teachers, students, parents and staff. 
    Our community respects and values diversity, and this is taught and modeled. Twin Creeks offers an environment that is supportive, interactive, nurturing, caring and safe, both physically and emotionally. The school Life Skills program is integrated into all areas of the school community and its curriculum. Teachers, students, parents and staff understand the need for members of the community to feel encouraged, valued and admired. We strive for this environment “The academic program at Twin Creeks is standards based.
    The curriculum is challenging, differentiated, integrated and fun. There are high standards for ALL students, as we see the potential in every child. Grade levels collaborate amongst one another and with support staff in order to develop achievable, developmentally appropriate learning opportunities, which are applicable to real life experiences. There is a respect for and understanding of the variety of teaching and learning styles within the community. Students take ownership f or their own learning. Our parents, staff and students understand that we are a necessary team in order for students to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to live productive, fulfilling lives”.