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Family Newsletter for the  Week of 2-18-2020





Modernization Update

Hello Twin Creeks Families,


Thanks to the community’s support of facility bonds, Twin Creeks Elementary has been the beneficiary of a number of improvements that have made the campus safer, more aligned with current learning environments and efficient for all staff and students. The school and District are currently preparing for additional modernization work. We wanted to take this opportunity to provide clarity about the work that has been done and what the community can expect in the months and years to come.


We understand that there has been conversation concerning the facilities at Twin Creeks and the ability to accommodate students moving into the new housing developments in nearby areas. We want to reassure you that the SRVUSD has carefully monitored and subsequently adjusted its enrollment predictions for the Twin Creeks campus. Based on current numbers, it is clear that it is no longer necessary to build permanent additions to the campus in order to accommodate growth. 


This summer, in preparation for future modernization work and planned growth, the District installed interim relocatable classrooms, a restroom building, and expanded the blacktop play area. With the inclusion of the interim housing wing, the capacity of the current facility is sufficient to ensure that there is room for new students. SRVUSD routinely utilizes relocatable classrooms on their campuses in order to support the expansion and contraction of student populations. 


Going forward, in order to get the modernization work done, you can expect some movement between the portable classrooms and the existing classrooms. During the classroom renovation phase, classes will be moved out of their existing classrooms and will be housed in the relocatable wing. After students move back into their newly modernized classrooms, another set of classes can move into the interim housing classrooms. We anticipate three or four increments (move in-move outs) will be needed to finish this work. The portable buildings are being painted and readied for students and staff to move into before the main modernization work begins in 2020. 


Our campus has benefited greatly from both the Measure A and Measure D Bond Programs. Thanks to these voter approved measures we have a new MPR and kitchen, library, oversized special education classroom, restrooms and offices, as well as a renovated and expanded Administration Building.


As this work continues, our campus will be a lovely place to welcome back our continuing families, as well as any new families that will be joining our community. The Twin Creeks community is a close community and I know you join me in embracing the wonderful changes that are to come. We are thrilled to begin modernization of our classrooms at Twin Creeks Elementary.  If you have any questions, please reach out to me. Thank you for your support of our school.


Shelli Kravitz


Twin Creeks